Interview with Gabe Zichermann

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of speaking with Gabe Zichermann, of the Gamification Summit. The main purpose was to gain some insight into the mechanics that are involved in behavioral alterations, especially related to diabetics. Below is a summary of the key points he suggested to us:


  • Focus: start narrow, then branch out
    • more likely to solve narrow issue
    • easier to design UX around a single facet
    • can reuse tech and design patterns for branching out
  • Design experience around ____ (i.e. happiness)
    • Choose brand image and stick to hard
    • Create metric to show validation
      • Happiness Indicator
  • Progress/Feedback Mechanics
    • financial incentives don’t alter behavior (only temporarily)
    • use quests/journeys to promote continued progress toward happier lifestyle
      • happily living with diabetes (removing the stigma)

A huge thank you to Gabe for speaking with us on such short notice!


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