Phone and Survey Interviews: Round 1

The majority of our interviews this week were conducted via phone and survey. We hope to sway this towards more in-person interviews in the near future. Marlene, an endocrinology expert at UCSF, is a contact that we have had for a few months that we wanted to bring up to speed (given changes in our service). As someone in the medical field, she has consistently reminded us that one of her main priorities is to educate diabetics, especially newly-diagnosed. In her experience, she has seen a significant correlation between knowledge of the disease and the ability to control it. Therefore, we have been thinking of ways to incorporate educational aspects into the app, without detracting from the natural workflow of the app’s main purpose.

The survey we conducted was through Rocky Vista University, in Parker CO, to diabetic patients that attended their clinic. Aside from demographics and technical prowess, we asked about interest in mobile solutions and willingness to pay for them. Fortunately, there was demand for a mobile solution to assist in diabetes management and they currently did not use any product for this. Unfortunately, the willingness to pay was not overwhelming. Moving forward this will be something that will have to remain ever-present in our minds.

As a team, we are very satisfied with the amount of knowledge we have gained from some of our in-person interviews. Hopefully, this pushes us to conduct more field interviews in the upcoming week.


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