Whiteboard Mockup Session 01

Last night we gathered around the old whiteboard to sketch out the workflow and general look of the app. Unfortunately, about 10 minutes into it (and for the following few hours), we realized we really had no idea. We had previously written an MVP doc to summarize what we thought we should have initially. The list proved to be more than we anticipated when actually sketching it out.

whiteboard mockup

The hodge-podge of ideas we ended the night on (lots of erasing), and some questions we need to answer.

Although it was disappointing to be confused so early on, there was a silver lining; we raised a few questions, that when answered would give us a better picture of the features that users care about most.

We also had trouble deciding who we should tailor our initial experience towards. The two groups in mind are:

  • the average diabetic (more interested in slick UI, ease of use, immediate returns)
  • data-driven diabetics (more interested in gory analytics that do more than their existing Excel sheets)

Over the course of the next two days, we will be at the UCSF Diabetes Center entrance trying to collect as many emails as possible of real diabetics. We do not want to base our assumptions off of the few diabetics in our immediate networks. Instead, we hope to create a group that we can access for quick online surveys, focus groups, and potentially alpha testing.

Here is to hoping we do not get shot down by 100% of the customers!


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