Begging for Customers

Last week, we were able to speak with diabetics in our immediate networks (i.e. family, close friends). However, we wanted to speak with new diabetics with an objective perspective on us. Therefore, after ensuring that it would be allowed, we ventured over to the UCSF hospital Thursday morning for some recruitment. As most people are in a hurry toward some destination, we set our goal at collecting as many contacts as we could, as opposed to conducting surveys on-site. Below is the make-shift poster prepared the night before.

Improving Diabetes Management

Cal logos included by suggestion of Steve

In the beginning, the general shouting method was attempted. This led to nothing. Then individuals that were sitting on benches nearby were approached. This led to our first email acquired: Success! Then again, it was wagered that we would get no more than two contacts. Determined to beat this (by a lot), more individualized approaches were continued. Slowly, more and more emails filled up our sign-up sheet. About two hours in, we went inside the hospital to speak with our endo contact. She was not there. While inside, a patient asked us what we were doing. Explaining our project, we were encountered by a staff member, yelled at for having the audacity to approach patients in the confines of the hospital, and were escorted out of the building by security.

In the end, we managed to collect a total of 15 contacts! We also realize how hard, and tiring,  that number was to come by.


Getting kicked out of a hospital was a new experience.


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