CFO’s Have Secretaries

A big shout out to Jerry Engel, and his contact Mike Harrington, for connecting me with the CFO of Kaiser Permanente. This past week, it was re-proposed to consider partnering with an HMO as they are the ones who benefit the most, financially, from our application. Hence, we asked Jerry for an HMO contact.

I was all prepared with a list of questions to ask and excitedly called the phone number of the CFO of Kaiser Permanente. Then to my disappointment his admin picked up. Although she was a delight to speak with, and agreed to pass along my message, it was still shot of reality; he was the CFO of the largest HMO in the country. Perhaps, I got a little ahead of myself, and fooled myself into thinking that this cold call would happen just the way I wanted.

Unfortunately, it seems he is booked in meetings for the better part of this week and we should not expect a response until next Monday. With this in mind, the original plan to “just march into the front lobby of Kaiser” may end up happening.


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