UCSF Visit 2

Second chances are great! The first visit to UCSF taught a few key lessons that we were able to build upon for our trip this time around:

  • Multiple recruiters to take on higher traffic
  • More professional poster
    • informative text for inquisitive passer-bys
  • More professional setup
    • table + chairs + etc.
  • Walking with passer-bys as you pitch (aggressive > passive)

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This may sound obvious, but they were things that we did wrong the first time. Last week, we acquired 15 emails over 4 hours. This week, we acquired 29 emails in just over 2 hours! Even better, some of the contacts were nurses, or family members, that agreed to pass our surveys and emails along to their diabetic networks. In addition, one of the security guards that saw me get kicked out of the hospital last week asked us to bring brochures next time for him to give to patients as they enter the hospital. I guess a little empathy goes a long way.


*Sidenote: the Facebook blast seems to be bringing in some good traffic and very interesting responses.



One thought on “UCSF Visit 2

  1. Bhavik Joshi says:

    Great blog team! Congrats on getting traction from the FB campaign and the 2nd time around at UCSF. You team is young and you shouldn’t take no for an answer. Nothing is impossible. Remember to use the CXO contacts/intros very carefully as Steve has reminded in class. These don’t come very often. So its best you use it when your story is clear, you have a strong position on your value prop and customer segments. Knowing where your team is, I think you’re better off speaking with others lower down the value chain from the CFO.

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