Business Canvas: Week 4

The two things we need to test in the upcoming week were from suggestions on a potential partner and new customer segment.

Potential Key Partner: Non-invasive testing company (i.e. C8MediSensors)

Potential Customer Segment: HMO’s (i.e. Kaiser Permanente)

We are meeting with C8MediSensors to see how plausible this type of relationship is and are awaiting response from KP to test the waters there. Due to the need for efficacy and the complicated cost structure involved with HMO’s (as displayed by CanScan), that may be a short-lived hypothesis.

Another possibility would be moving the non-invasive testing company to the Customer Segment box, as we would be providing value. This is something we hope to discuss with the teaching staff.

The green box around “Hospitals” as a Customer Channel is simply to highlight that we finally received some positive feedback from UCSF about being able to advertise there (in the form of brochures – better than nothing).

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