“Just Fit a Curve To It”

The title was the theme of the past several hours. In the midst of programming, we took a slight detour to devise the algorithm that would be determining the scores for our leaderboard. Initially, we only wanted to perform this exercise to determine what values we had to keep on our server, and how to organize them. Then it slowly turned into chaotic scribblings of math. Looking at it after the fact, we are not quite sure how we even formulated certain parts. However, this exercise was very useful as it cleared up certain parts of the application that were debating over and paved the way for some potential changes in how we structure the usefulness of the application. Tomorrow night we will be holding a “customer discovery session” with a few diabetics. We are hosting a dinner to talk with them in person about their greatest frustrations with diabetes, top items on their wishlist, and iff (if and only if) they mention it we will show them some mockups of the application to gauge the proximity their needs.

This is very exciting to finally have a long (several hour) time frame with some diabetics to get some hopefully eye-opening feedback to solidify/modify our business canvas.

And here’s a brief look into some of the whiteboard mayhem.

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