American Diabetes Association (ADA)

Meeting people in person is way more effective than email!

Dropped into the ADA office on 9th Street in Oakland unexpectedly.  Met two very nice ladies who were very enthusiastic with our project and what we are trying to accomplish!  They are providing a gold mine of bay area sources which will enable us to increase our contact pool more effectively and much faster!

I showed Ka-Ryn, the associate director, a sample of our app screens – basically the kind of stuff we want to test (see previous post).  She recommended we make the fonts of the app customizable as many diabetics suffer from retinopathy and have a difficult time viewing small fonts – something I doubt we would have come up with on our own!  She was extremely excited about the complete product – both hardware and software, wants to connect us with local diabetic non profits in the bay area for testing our hypothesis’, and thinks local VCs will eat it up.  Sounds good to me! 🙂

Also spammed a number of blogs with survey monkey links.  One had us removed for violating their soliciting policy within minutes!


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