Kunal: Customer Discovery Session Recap

As previously mentioned, we had a customer discovery session with Kunal yesterday. He is a Berkeley graduate student in Civil Engineering. We shared had a very informative discussion over some delicious Zachary’s Chicago Pizza (he chose).

For the majority of the session, we took Steve’s advice on running these types of sessions (as opposed to focus groups). So we tried to ask questions objectively, and let Kunal steer the conversation. What we found by listening to each other is that it was very difficult to remain objective and not state our opinions, thereby potentially affecting Kunal’s responses. Despite this, Kunal had some fantastic insights that we never would have thought of on our own. For brevity, here is a summary of the most surprising points:

  • Top 3 Frustrations at beginning
  1. simple reminder to take night time insulin
  2. manual input (excel) → usually doesn’t track
  3. seeing a high reading and thinking “why the hell did that happen, I thought I did it right?”
  • The activity of exercise matter (not just duration and intensity)
  • Leaderboard: “knowing someone was doing better than me would kind of piss me off”
    • don’t show ranks or scores, but people above and below in your category would be helpful
    • ability to click on others to see what they are doing that is working for them
  • Top 3 Frustrations at end
    1. providig feedback/recommendations – remove thinking process (avg. stdev, user sets target of HA1c, show potential adjustments i.e carb ratio from 12-10)
    2. just remember to take my damn night time shot
    3. LifeScore and objectives – some sort of feedback that shows immediate feedback of how they are doing, and if they want they can go further (to make changes)

Check out the slideshow of some pics from the session.

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One thought on “Kunal: Customer Discovery Session Recap

  1. Nathan says:

    Kunal: “I’m trying to switch over to things like whole grain pasta, foods with better absorption – however, I’m in college, let’s face it this is not always feasible”

    Kunal: “I try to shoot for [BGL of] 70-80”

    Kunal: “I don’t see my endocrinologist as often as I should…having a high bs for a long period of time circulation is poor, extremities suffer as a result… endo checks your feet… people typically lose sensation in their feet or something, they get cut and infected resulting in amputations. I should go at least once a year according to my doc. Ideally every 3 months because A1C measures every 3 months. The meters that do it for you on the market are sh*t.”

    Kunal: “They gave me a glucometer set [dr in seattle]… when I was diagnosed I went to UW med center, from there they said because your insurance is kaiser you have to go to ghc [Group Health Collaborative]… they gave me an initial set of lancets, insulin needle, test strips and a meter, probably billed me but my parents took care of it… kaiser didn’t want to shell out for the nice stuff”
    Me: “What would it take to get you to switch meters?”
    Kunal: “If it was free…”

    [Kunal takes out and shows us his glucometer]
    Kunal: “Oh they have comments… after 3 years I just found that, hahaha!”
    Me: “How will that changes things for you?”
    Kunal: “It won’t.”

    [showed the life score screen, A]
    Kunal: “Life score is not ideal, since high sugar scores are bad.”
    Me: “what about exp bar and a leve, displaying something like: you are a level 7 diabetic.”
    Kunal: “That would be cool.” (smiling)

    [discussing experience earned]

    Kunal: “taking quizzes that teach you more about diabetes, short quiz with a lot of entertainment value that add to your level. Its fun to level up and be a higher rank, play diabetes wars and fight other diabetics with sugar warfare.”

    [discussing the exercise button input screen]
    Kunal: “Being able to draw my own icon, that would be awesome!”

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