Customer Discovery Session: Dave Palmer

Happy Belated Lead Day! This past Wednesday (2/29) we were granted a special Lead Day gift of having the opportunity to hold another customer discovery session. Our guest of honor was Dave Palmer, a middle-aged Type 2 diabetic who works for the U.S. Treasury and SF Police Department. His meal of choice was Arinell’s Pizza, loaded with meat (our customers love pizza!).

Aside from the difference in demographics, the key difference this time around was that we had a pre-written script of questions. This was to prevent us from proposing “leading” questions that could affect our customers responses. The beginning was just “ice breaker” questions to get to know Dave better. Going into the session, we knew that he was a passionate individual (he had been exchanging emails all week about interesting ideas he had – awesome!). The most interesting fact we learned was that he not only attended a gym 3-5 times a week, but he enjoyed exercising. He told us how his body would actually feel bad if he did not workout for multiple days. This lead to his one strong piece of advice for any diabetics, “join a gym”. For him, dietary changes only did so much, but the changes he made in his activity level helped him lose significant weight and control his diabetes much better.

For brevity, here is a list of some the most interesting insights Dave provided:

  • Optimal glucose levels are different for everyone
  • Possesses internal gauge of how his glucose levels are (can guess within 10 mg/dl)
  • Likes the idea of “checking in/out” to workouts
  • Visual representations > text (wrt how to input information)
  • Lack of diabetic support group / community
  • Yelp for Diabetics
    • See items/restaurants that previous diabetics have dubbed “Diabetes Friendly”
    • “how to attack the Indian buffet bar”
  • Desires correlation between foods/workouts and glucose levels (further validation of recommendation engine)

Dave’s good friend, Eugene, was unable to make it this week. Therefore, we will set up a new session with him next week. Either way, Dave is a passionate user that seems to fit the earlyvangelist persona. However, we must be sure to account for his data-driven persona (which may not be the norm).


A big thanks to Dave for spending nearly 3 hours with us!


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