Phone Interview: Brittany T.

This morning we had the pleasure of speaking with a very experienced Type 1 from southern California, Brittany. She graciously agreed to speak with us despite having to go into work on a Saturday morning. For background, Brittany intensely works out 5 days/week for 1+ hour sessions, mostly cooks at home (vegetarian), and eats 5-6 small meals evenly spaced throughout the day. In other words, she is very active and healthy. She was diagnosed with Type 1 over 18 years ago and has been at the stage where she can essentially pin point her glucose levels without the need for testing. However, she still tests six times per day. Her understanding of diabetes is also very high. Her college major was in Nutrition and she is still studying to become a certified diabetic educator.

Despite being a data-driven person, she finds her largest challenge with diabetes to be the time it takes to properly manage it. Her main reasoning for not using applications to help her manage is the amount of time it took to enter in all the information, and the lack of a personalized database (i.e. app has calorie tracker, but it has no selection for a cup of broccoli; only premade dishes).

Another interesting piece she identified was that when she would go to her endocrinologist with several months of intensive data collection, he would say, “Whoa, I don’t need to see that!”. After which, she figured “what was the point…”. We will contact a few endos to see if the reasoning behind this is because the data is too large to go over in one session (i.e would it be better if we made the feedback loop shorter), or they just have no interest in it at all. One contradicting piece about exercise she provided (with respect to Dave’s response) was that she gauged the intensity of her workout qualitatively and found that metric to be the most important to her.

Thank you to Brittany for spending her Saturday morning with us, and for graciously agreeing to further discussions!


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