Customer Discovery Session: Ted K.

*I forgot to take a picture…but Ted says “Hi!” Jerry.

This morning I met with a Ted K. in Walnut Creek over some coffee. He is in the unique position of being both a physician and diabetic. He was diagnosed with Type 1 at 35 (a rare occasion). Because of these factors, his management system and views on diabetes are quite different than what we have encountered before.

We had a great discussion, and he was able to provide some great comments. For brevity here is a summary:

  • Diabetes can consume your life, especially the more fastidious you are. He lives in his “happy medium” where his glucose levels will spike frequently, but he will counter with fast-acting insulin to always maintain control.
  • Community-generated reviews are only useful if the reviewers are reliable/credible (very hard)
    • retention in the community is entirely based on effectiveness (i.e. someone said scone was awesome and not bad for BGL, and it actually was)
  • Trending/prediction is the biggest “feature” his glucometers are missing (he would like it integrated with his pump or phone).
  • I mentioned the hardware we originally started out with (hijack) but decided to dump due to FDA hurdles. His reaction was, “I would buy that in a second, no nanosecond…damn FDA!”
  • He has been waiting for non-invasive for 20 years. The second it is available, he will try it regardless of price or evidence of accuracy. The offering of trending software with non-invasive would be just swell.

Ted raised some important concerns around the Yelp model that we will need to ruminate on. And again, a big thank you to Jerry for the gracious introduction to Ted.

Thanks for you input and time, Ted!



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