Coffee with Eric Davis

We met with Eric Davis, Director of Innovation at Abbott Diabetes Care, this morning at a Starbucks to chat over the progress we had made since our last conversation back in January. As always, it was an absolute delight to talk about the idea, as well as other random tangents, with Eric (very smart and energetic guy).

The key insights he had were:

  • insulin calculation requires FDA clearance (diabetics have been asking for this feature)
    • Abbott has a new glucometer that was rejected because it has this calculation feature
  • FDA monitors transmission and storage mechanisms of data
    • but for some reason EHRs are not regulated
  • non-invasive will have a large barrier to entry because FDA requires any testing method that is not through blood to abide the “Replacement Claim”
    • i.e. CGMs are not covered by most HMO because they measure through interstitial fluid (not blood)
  • On the Yelp idea:
    • important metrics to him are grams of carbs and “uptake factor” (slope of spike, changed by fat content)
    • generate content by finding earlyvangelist diabetics and making them “Qualified Carb Counters” for your program (possibly receive benefits, deals, or free meals to review

He also connected me with some interesting people/companies to talk with:

  • Kelly Close – if anything happens in the world of diabetes, she knows
  • Tim Hennings – closely follows non-invasive startup tech scene and knows limitations
  • – travel guidebook for diabetics (curated by diabetics)

I can ‘t thank Eric enough for spending two hours conversing about ideas on a Saturday morning.


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