Phone Interview with Lindsay K.

This past Thursday we had a pleasant phone call with Lindsay, veteran Type 1 diabetic (T1D). As usual we gathered some background information on her to get a feel for her user archetype. Then we followed with what her biggest challenges were as a diabetic. Due to her diagnosis at a very early age, she actually said that she doesn’t have much difficulty these days. The largest was simply remembering to refill her pump.

From here, we began asking questions pertaining to the two ideas we had in stock (recommendation engine and Yelp for Diabetics). After digging into it, we were surprised that she said a “robust” reminder system was more valuable to her than a something that recommended foods/activities based on her history (rec engine). She noted that this may be very different for Type 2 diabetics (T2D) because they are more of the “lifestyle diabetics”. As for the Yelp idea, the insight we gained was that the informativeness of a restaurant and confidence a diabetic had eating there were good metrics to rate restaurants by for diabetics. This was helpful as we have been trying to think of a “diabetic-friendly” metric that would actually be useful, and simple. Additionally, as a T1D, the precise number of carbohydrates in foods she eats are very important (and difficult to gauge when eating out).

The good news was that despite her familiarity with diabetes and carb counting, a Yelp/CalorieKing hybrid would still be of use to her. The trend continues, but more data is needed!


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