Moving Forward

path towards the horizon

see where the path takes you

It is sad that the Lean Launchpad has been “officially” over for a week now. However, we all know that the class never really ends. The lessons learned, experiences gained, and new relationships formed will be a part of each participating member for as long as they choose.

As for us, we are currently deploying the alpha version of Diabeats to hospitals, the ADA, and diabetes blogs to get as much feedback as quickly as we can. We plan on riding this adventure for as long as we can, and hope to learn a fraction of what the teaching team has acquired from decades of experience.

Any happenings related to Jericho/Diabeats will be continued on one team member’s personal blog, found here.

Thank you again to the entire teaching team, and the rest of the teams, for an unforgettable journey. A friend and classmate summed it up quite nicely:

The Lean Launchpad was worth my tuition at Berkeley alone.



Interview with Nagesh

Within our immediate reach was Rohan’s father. He has been living with Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) for over a decade and has developed a system that allows him to keep it under control without medication. In addition, he is a technologist at heart with immense product and marketing experience that we found very valuable.

To initiate our conversation, we asked him what he considered to be the main pain points associated with T2D. He listed the following questions as the key things to hit when trying to truly control diabetes.

  • Do I know my body and how it is affected by things I do?
  • What changes do I need to make (with respect to diet & exercise)?
  • How can I do these in real-time (i.e. go for a walk after every meal)?
  • Am I diligent in my monitoring practices (in most cases, no)?
  • Am I learning from my past, and other people, and applying it to my future?
  • Am I communicating with my managed network (i.e. endocrinologist, family, close friends)?

In addition to the insight he provided to how he thinks about diabetes, we gained a lot from his overarching advice on how to approach marketing, provided his immense experience. He pushed the importance of viewing the “whole product”, which meant all the ancillary tangents that affect what you are creating/offering.

Finally, he agreed to be an alpha tester!

Picture with Nagesh after the interview. Thank you again!